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Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing, Inc. provides project specific support for short and long-term business development and marketing needs.  Founded to assist new and existing companies to enhance their market acceptance and reach.  

Our clients achieve growth as a result of clear communications, targeted messaging, team building, identifying competition and fostering entrepreneurial ideas throughout your organization.

Success stories include: 

Sales growth for hardware and software companies in the content creation markets
Brand building through strategic marketing materials and promotion.
Shorter time to market through team building and breaking through internal silos.

Successful expansion of your business in the media and entertainment space.


Founded by Anthony Magliocco who serves as Vice President of Business Development.

Anthony has a broad background in content creation and distribution and is active in many of the Motion Picture and Television professional societies, He has served as general manager, and marketing management for many of the Worlds leading suppliers of technology solutions for the entertainment and media industry.

Anthony has over 25 years of experience working with international companies, helping them bring their products and services to the US Media and Entertainment Market. He has also been responsible for World Wide marketing and sales for several US-based manufacturers.

Anthony has held strategic positions at The Robert Bosch Corporation, ECI Telecom, AboveNet.Zayo, Lucent Digital Video, Lockheed Martin, Philips, Controlware Communications, Electrosonic.

Clients include: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Disney, ESPN, Verizon Business, Level3 Communications, MCI Worldcom, Ascent Media, Technicolor, Direct TV, EchoStar, Deluxe to name a few

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