Pulsar QC FAQ


Venera Pulsar Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I invest in an automated file QC application?

A. Well for one thing it is the only practical way to handle a large number of files. 


Q. Is there a solution to check adaptive bitrate video files?

A. Yes several companies provide technology for this kind of testing.  Venera Technologies is one of them. www.veneratechologies.com 


Q.  How can I be sure my files meet the new audio loudness requirements?

A. Many of the automated file QC systems like Pulsar from Venera Technologies can check your files to see if the conform to the newly passed laws for loudness.


Q. What can I do if my files don’t pass the loudness test?

A. You can request that the be repaired or you may utilize Pulsar’s loudness correction option.


Q. What are the most common errors found?

A. Metadata errors are the most common issue in our experience.