Pulsar - Rapid File QC Automation


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File-based Automated Content Verifier System designed to automate the QC process in file based workflows.
Allows automated verification of the content structure, meta-data, AV parameters and quality. 
Can be used at different stages in a typical content workflow.  Download the Pulsar datasheet here

Broadcast Workflow


Broadcasters (TV, IPTV-VOD, OTT-VOD, Mobile, D-Cinema)

VOD and Streaming Media (iTunes, Netflix and more)

Content Creators/Authoring Houses

Archiving facilities

Pulsar Features

  • Coverage - Wide coverage of formats and parameter checks
  • High throughput -  Up to four simultaneous stream analysis per unit. Can process 8-10 hrs. of broadcast SD content per hour
  • Hot/Watch folders - Pulsar can automatically pick up jobs from predefined locations (Windowsfolders & FTP)
  • Live hot folders - Analyze the content in a folder as the files are being copied
  • Templates - Reusable templates and rules definition
  • Content Post-processing - Options to move, delete or rename files
  • Track Layout - Custom content structure verification
  • Scalable distributed architecture - Suited for large sized enterprisePost Production Workflow
  • Easy Integration - Standard web-services API
  • XML reporting - Completely customizable by using client specific style-sheets
  • Rich job management - Pause, resume, cancel, prioritize and re-submit jobs
  • Alerts - Configurable email alerts
  • Optional Module, Pulsar Rapid - Automates sorting and checking of large quantities of incoming files to your facility

Checks and Formats

Video Quality including:

Black / Colored frames. Blockiness, Clipping. Brightness, Color Bars, Field Dominance, Luma/Chroma levels, Frame Drop, RGB Gamut, Freeze frames, Letter/Pillar box, Active Picture Aspect Ration, Full/Half line, Black Bar

Audio Quality including:

Silence, Mute, Loudness (R128), Peak, Drop, Tone, Phase Mismatch

Pulsar and Rapid Sort Workflow

 Video Formats

H.364, MPEG-2, VC-1, IMX 30/50, D10, HDCAM, XDCAM, DV/DVCPro25, DV/DVCPro50, DV/DVCPro100/HD, AVC-Intra, DNxHD (VC-3), Apple ProRes

Audio formats

AES-3/LPCM, AC3, MPEG-1/2 (L1/2/3), Dolby-E, AAC, HE-AAC

Container formats

MXF, GXF, LXF, QuickTime (MOV), MP4/3GPP, MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-2 PS, FLV, AVI, DPX, WMV, WAV, BWF, AIFF, Elementary Stream

Specific Conformance

CableLabs, DVB

Meta Data

Closed Captions (CEA-608/708)

GXF VANC, MPEG-2 User data (A/53, SCTE 20, GXF SD), MXF-VANC, H.264
Detection, Conformance and Logging.


Pulsar Benefits

  • Simple, Automated Analysis. Intuitive and configurable interface with widest automation options (Win/FTP, Virtual, Live)
  • Fast Analysis. Fastest content verifier system with high throughput.
    - Speed per stream: MPEG-2 HD real-time; MPEG-2 SD 3-4 times real-time.
    - Throughput: 3-4 hrs of MPEG-2 HD; 8-10 hrs of MPEG-2 SD content per hour.
    - Four simultaneous streams
  • Simple Templates. Generic templates. Applicable for all formats (auto-detected).
  • Unrestricted Analysis. No restriction on number of streams; most parameter checks applicable for all supported formats.
  • Detailed analysis for closed-captions & V-Chip. Detection, Conformance testing and logging for closed captions (MXF, GXF, TS, Elem). Detection and checking for V-Chip levels.
  • Consistent. 24x7 consistent output with no dependency on individual skills.
  • Superior Support & Responsiveness. We stand by our customers and respond quickly to their needs.